Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ticket Please


      I watched an usher come down the stairs to a row of people and ask to see their tickets. He looked and told them the tickets were for the last performance.

     They asked to stay since no one was in their seats. He nodded toward the top of the stairs where others waited. "You have to leave to make room for those who came for the present performance."

     I began to apply this story to our thought life. The fame, and shame of our past like to sneak into our minds. We remember the good old days and glorify them. But we also glorify the ”bad old days” by dwelling on them. Both occupy space.

     We are ushers. It is time to firmly unseat the past thoughts. We control who sits in the space reserved for today’s performance. Tickets please.

Scripture Isaiah 43:18, 19 

Prayer: Father, We rejoice in this day that you have made.