Friday, March 29, 2019

Comfort Food

My body and soul screamed for satisfaction. 
Driving home from church I kept getting urges and cravings. 
Coffee? Ice crème? Rhubarb pie? Every food place I passed called my name.

What was wrong with me I wondered? I had eaten a meal already.
I realized I was looking for something to satisfy me. And I wanted it NOW. 
Instant gratification. When I was almost home I realized that I was looking
for something that I already had.

I didn’t need comfort food. I had the Comforter. 
I decided to use the cravings for food, drink, and other distractions 
as a signal that I needed to spend time with HIM.

I began to worship and satisfy the hunger in my spirit. 
It took awhile for my spiritual food to process through the rest of my body and soul.  
But soon I was content. The Comforter was inside waiting for me to acknowledge Him.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God (Ps. 42:1NIV).

Friday, March 15, 2019

Prayer is not like a blind date.

During Christmas break of my freshman year at College I went home with Roberta to her northern Michigan home. Snow everywhere and lots of adventures awaited me. She talked me into a blind date with a guy named Cal. When we met He acted as uncomfortable as I felt.

We loaded up in Roberta's boyfriends car with Cal and I in the back seat and Ron and Roberta in the front. We didn't know anything about each other. It was awkward. So I asked him questions which He answered with 'Yes" or "No."

We had gone several miles down a rural road when the car began to chug and finally stopped. I'd been warned that boys sometimes ran out of gas to be alone with you. But this was not one of those times.
Cal and Ron got out and hiked to a service station two miles away for gas. Berta and I huddled together to keep warm.

When they came back it had "broken the ice" in my relationship with Cal as we looked at each other and began to laugh. He had on shoes that were not made for hiking in the snow. I told him to take them off, and I gave him my sweater to wrap around his feet until the car warmed us all up.

Sometimes I feel when I come to pray that I'm on a blind date. Awkward. Then I remember that God posted in Exodus who he was. He said in chapter 34 that He is merciful, gracious, patient, and full of goodness and truth. Next. I remember that He knows me. He knows the good, the bad, and the ugly, but he still loves me. And that NOTHING can separate me from his love. No, prayer is not like a blind date.